Nine Series Anthologies

The  'Nine Series Anthologies' are open for submissions on July 1st 2022. We are aiming to platform some of the best poetry talent from the UK & Ireland together under the same cover, curating voices, experiences and styles that vibe and riff off each other. Each anthology will showcase the  work of 3 poets - with each submitting 9 poems: no more, no less. You can submit individually and be paired up with other poets or you can submit as a trio with other writers you know. It is up to you. The anthologies are open to everyone, whether you have been published before or not. The main purpose of the 'Nine Series' is to help highlight outstanding work, give opportunities for publication and networking, to develop a space for poets between projects and to offer a place for poems that might not fit in conventional pamphlets and collections. 

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions for the 'Nine-Series' anthologies will open July 1st through to July 31st.

Please send nine poems. No more. No less.

Poems can be themed or part of a sequence or they can be completely unrelated.

You can submit as an individual poet or as part of a trio of poets.

If submitting as a group please send one submission per trio - nominate one main poet of contact for us to liaise with initially. 

Please include bios for each poet submitting.

Poems should be included on a word attachment. A5 Format. Please put your name at the top of each page.

Previously published poems are fine as long as they have not been published together as a collective before. 

Successful poets will receive 9 author copies of their anthology.

The main series is open only to poets from the UK and Ireland. 

Poets from other countries can submit and if we have the opportunity we will publish an international selection.