We are delighted to announce our line up of poets for 2021.

More information regarding release dates & events coming soon.

Whalers, Witches and Gauchos

Julie Irigaray

A Sky full of Strange Specimens

Olga Dermott-Bond

June 2021

These Are Not My Dreams And Anyway Nothing Here Is Purple

Michael Conley

Gradual Reduction to Bone

Kali Richmond

July 2021

After the Riot

Neil Young

August 2021


Liam Porter

September 2021

After the Flood comes the Apologies

Naoise Gale

October 2021


Yasmin Djoudi

November 2021

They Spoke no English

Stephen Keeler

December 2021

How to Decode your Orange-Peel Fortunes

Alice Wickenden