Are you travelling alone? Vocation explores a world pushing itself to the limit in the single-minded pursuit of a calling. Aeroplanes and taxis shuttle us between unexpected destinations: by the side of an airborne conspiracy theorist; a city centre with a knack for psychosexual confrontation; or bearing witness to a tropical plant’s delusions of grandeur. The external drifting of the pamphlet’s speakers is set at odds with their unrelenting internal drive for something more. Against the backdrop of a planet shrinking through over-connection, Vocation follows our attempts to outrun the emptying sands of the hourglass in a race towards some ever-shifting personal goal.

Yasmin Djoudi works across poetry and performance. She lives in London. She is new to all of this.



White contrail threads eye of new skyline—

reconstruction slipped over the past like skewed nylons. 


Bird strike on grey country road, skidded thin,

tracks up the valley like hair on the skin. 


Thunder’s tin mug scrapes the bars of his jail. 

Put out your hand. No shocks here—just hail.